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Firstly, this is the bread and butter of devpression, this is where Lee gets to talk about his experiences of dealing with mental health issues whilst trying to maintain a professional outlook to work  - it's definitely possible.

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Our forum

We want this to be the go to place for you guys and girls for techie chat, for support, guidance, mentoring... this is your space, use it as you will.

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Whilst it's impossible to know really, more and more people we cross paths with will admit - after hearing a similar tale from us - to suffering with some anxiety or depression.

This doesn't in (m)any ways affect their ability as a programmer or techie - and yet, unfortunately the same as all walks of life, there is still a massive stigma associated with mental health issues.

Stumbling along a blog post by Scott Hanselman on the Imposter Syndrom and asking around at work we realised that mental health seemed to be rife, and yet those higher up the food chain were at times ill equipped to deal with the issues that do arise - hence devpression was born - a place where we can come talk all the tech we want but know most of all that it's ok to admit your real self here.



Next Steps...

Wondering where to head to next? we suggest the blog to catch up, but by all means join us on the forum.