I've been a developer since 1998: Visual FoxPro, then SQL Server DBA, then moved into VB6 and then into .NET. I use a number of technologies now including (but not limited to) .net core, javascript, react, angular, redis, sql, nosql. My current day job is with TopCashback.

I've been diagnosed with a few issues over time, all for the same symptoms - bipolar / manic depressive, straight up depression, I struggle with paranoia - which is part of my condition and a side effect of the medication I'm on. To help with all of that I also face imposter syndrome and paranoia

I wanted to setup somewhere I can get my thoughts out about dealing with the stigma of mental health whilst at the work place - fortunately I've found somewhere that is inclusive and supportive, but those places (whilst thankfully on the rise) have been in the minority - and I think it's time for that to change.