Why a blog?

Hurrah - I write that like I've been working on this for weeks, however wyam is a simple no-nonesense platform on which to build a blog. I think most people should have a blog of some sorts - just somewhere that is longer than the one hundred and fifty character fast paced small updates of the likes of twitter and facebook. Somewhere to mull over the thoughts of the day/week/month/year. Sure facebook, twitter etc have their place, but I like the longer form of the blog - and whilst some say it's having a renaissance, I'd like to postulate that it never really went away (theme for another post maybe). Anyhow, I digress, basically Wyam is a .Net based static site creator at it's core, but it has a flexible pipeline which allows it to be put into use to do all manner of things - and I heartily recommend it.

The reason for the hurrah, simply: I've been learning Azure pipelines. So far I'm super impressed with what they can do - but as it was my first foray away from AWS, the curve was steep for me.

I wanted to blog about tech as it's a passion of mine - so expect some geeking out. However as detailed on the about page I have a mental health issue. This is a small part of who I am, but it is still a big issues for me and others - especially in a professional environment. I've experienced a lot of prejudice over my years, but thankfully that has settled now. However, I wanted to give other professionals a safe non-judgemental place for discussions on mental health in IT and Software development to happen.

EDIT - 24/01/2019 - However, this place is inclusive, don't think you need to be a super-tech-savvy person to be here, all are welcome and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Why now?

It's simply the right time for me. I do think thanks to a lot of the charities involved there has been a lot of progress on a lot of the time to talk front, but we still have a ways to go.

A note on Wyam

I still have a set of functionality that I would like to add, not least of all commenting to allow us to open a debate on the issues discussed here, so keep them peeled.

EDIT - 23/01/2019 - For the most part we now have a functioning discourse installation available at discourse.devpression.com